QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition

What are the Various QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition and its Features

Managing complicated finance-related tasks without errors is one of the most challenging tasks for organizations. So, to make accounting tasks easier, companies must opt for well-known accounting software that can handle all the financial tasks. Here’s come a time when QuickBooks comes into the picture. However, if you are hunting for software for contractors, then QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition is one to go with. Furthermore, read this post till the end to gather more details regarding the Premier edition to accomplish your accounting tasks easily.

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What is the Significance of QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition?

The QuickBooks Premier Plus is rewarded as the topmost accounting solution that best fits businesses looking for industry-specific features or forecasting tools. However, there are numerous other benefits of accessing the QuickBooks products, which are as follows.

  1. One of the best things is that QuickBooks Premier Plus is accessible for up to five users, and its annual subscription is $799.
  2. With the help of this accounting solution, you can easily share the accountant’s copy with your financial advisor. Afterwards, the accountant will examine the financial statements and make the necessary changes. Thereon, the users are required to import the file to save the changes.
  3. This accounting suite helps in tracking profitability through product or by project.
  4. Moreover, the users can also utilize this software to customize the forecast according to job, class, and other specifications.
  5. You can operate the inbuilt, easy-to-use report to review your financial data separately.
  6. Additionally, you may also track the client bills and material, job phase, or percentage completion according to your preference.

Revealing the Different Categories of QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition

QuickBooks Premier is a one-stop accounting solution providing top-notch features to simplify accounting tasks. There are two different editions of the QuickBooks Desktop Premier; we have discussed all of them along with their features below. Read all of them carefully and better understand the editions in detail so that you can make the right choice for your company and that will fulfills your business needs.

A. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition:-

It is a construction-specific edition of the QuickBooks Desktop Premier software. This accounting solution also comprises unique features that help businesses in planning and accounting for the jobs plan and account for the costs related to the significant jobs in this field. Moreover, this edition is also designed for general contractors or subcontractors.

The QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is perfect for performing construction projects like initial estimates, professional quotes, and monitoring job costs. Look at the pointers below to learn more about this edition’s features.

1. Prepare “Jobs by Vendor” Report

With the help of this feature, the users can categorize their job costs by vendor. Also, they can look at the details to view which vendor payment is outstanding. Thus, it would also help you to give a reminder to receive the payment on time from the vendor without any further delays.

2. Monitor Your Balance Sheet By Class:-

If you have switched your job therefore, you only need to include the change orders in the estimate to monitor the changes made. Also, it will help you determine its impact on your bottom line.

3. Examine the Job Profitability:-

Using the customized job cost reports, the users can easily review their job profitability in detailed form along with the task-by-task level.

4. Construct Purchase Orders Easily:-

Now, it has become much more convenient for the businesses to prepare the purchase orders. Moreover, it informs the project managers to order essential materials, which would otherwise result in costly add-ons. With the help of the purchase orders, the project managers can also determine the required supplies that must be added to the estimate.

5. Assign Employee Time to Every Employee Job and Service Item:-

Using the QuickBooks Premier Contractor edition, you can link an employee’s cost related to the particular job and service item according to the estimate. However, when the earnings are allotted to some specific task and service item, QuickBooks will instantly provide the payroll taxes for that work.

6. Job Costing Center:-

Within the section Job Costing Center, you will see the top and bottom three jobs earning profitability within the past three months. Along with this, it also comprises the highlights regarding your recent performance in addition to the links to job costing reports.

B. QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition:-

The QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition is the perfect accounting suite suitable for accounting firms. It has many extraordinary features and functions that help the accountant handle their financial operations easily.

Moreover, it helps accountants keep their financial statements organized to communicate easily with clients. Look at the pointers below to learn more about the QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition features.

1. Combine Numerous Emails:

You can now combine different emails and send it to your accountant so that they can look at your company’s financial status.

2. Easily Merge Duplicate Vendors:-

By preparing the consolidated report, vendor management has become much easier and more convenient. You may also determine duplicate vendors, assign the master vendor, and easily merge at least four vendors simultaneously.

3. Remove or Void Transactions in Bulk:-

You can apply the filter transactions to pick the correct ones you wish to remove or void. Also, you can review which transactions are associated with others before you remove them. This is mandatory so you won’t delete the essential transaction, which may cause data loss.

4. Multi-Instance:-

You can save time by simultaneously working on the same data file. Also, it becomes much easier to answer the clients regarding their data files without shutting down the file they are working on.

5. Track Employee’s Time:-

You can monitor your employee’s time and job costs using the time tracking feature in QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition. Along with this, you can also prepare the timesheets, which would help in determining the exact time the employees have work. Thus, it would help in computing the payroll properly according to the time they have work.

6. Provides Accountant Toolbox:-

Another thing about the QuickBooks Accountant Edition is that it gives access to powerful accountant tools that you can access remotely. You can also operate the toolbox to write off multiple invoices on one screen.

Explaining the Pricing Structure of QuickBooks Premier

Are you confused about which QuickBooks Premier subscription plan perfectly matches your company’s financial needs? In that scenario, you must know about the different pricing plans of QuickBooks Premier to make the right choice. Therefore, to help you with that, we have elaborated the pricing structure of the QuickBooks Premier below:

QuickBooks Desktop Premier (2 Users)

QuickBooks Desktop Premier (4 Users) 

QuickBook Desktop Premier + Payroll (2 Users)

QuickBooks Desktop Premier + Payroll (4 Users)

The users have to pay $64 monthly charges. 

To buy this subscription plan, you must pay $190 monthly charges. 

You are supposed to pay $110 monthly charges. Moreover, you also need to pay $ 4 for every employee monthly. 

To get this subscription plan, you must pay $236 monthly charges. Moreover, you also need to pay the additional charge of $ 4 per employee monthly. 

The users can access the following features under this subscription:

  • Prepare Professional Invoices

  • Handle Accounts Payable

  • One-click sales and tax reports


Under this subscription, you can use the same features included in QuickBooks Desktop Premier. Along with this, you can use the features such as:

  • Pay the employees on time in three easy steps.

  • Quickly Remit Payroll Taxes

  • Automatically keep yourself updated with the latest tax table update. 


Drawing To A Conclusion!!

We hope that now you have gathered all the relevant details regarding different QuickBooks Premier editions along with their features. Thus, we ensure that you may also find this post beneficial and worth reading. Furthermore, if you require any assistance for the setup of this QuickBooks product, you can get help from our certified professionals. They will guide you in the best possible manner within no time.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is the perfect accounting solution for the general contractors. Moreover, using this edition, the contractors can easily keep track of the job expenditures.

Following are the system requirements that you must need to install QuickBooks Premier smoothly. 

  1. Check that you have the Windows operating system of version 8.1, 10, or the higher edition if available. 
  2. You must have a maximum of 8 GB RAM and a minimum of 2 GB to run the software smoothly. Additionally, the 2.5 GB of hard disk space is required.
  3. High internet speed is required for product registration and installation of the product. 

To buy the Basic plan of QuickBooks Contractors you need to pay $ 15 monthly for 20 contractors. For the Plus plan, $ 45 monthly charges for up to 100 contractors, and Advanced Plan $ 75 monthly for up to 15 contractors. 

The QuickBooks Premier is the perfect accounting solution, especially for the retail, general contracting, manufacturing, and wholesale professional services, and non-profit organizations.

After the May 31, 2021, the older versions of the QuickBooks Desktop are going to be discontinued.

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