QuickBooks for Contractors

QuickBooks for Contractors – Advanced Online vs Desktop Version

The popular and highly advanced Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software supports business managers from all fields across the globe. Today, this blog will discuss how the QuickBooks software is helping people in the construction business. However, the QuickBooks advanced online and desktop editions are in the limelight among the contractors. So, which one is the best for them? Continue reading and find the answer in today’s post.

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Undoubtedly, you can’t go wrong by opting for the advanced and promising QuickBooks application for your construction business. Intuit has introduced QuickBooks advanced Online and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software for contractors. We will discuss both the software in detail, along with their features and functions, to help you choose the best fit for your construction business. Let’s begin by first understanding QuickBooks and its benefits for contractors.

How QuickBooks Helps Contractors Simplify Their Business Management?

If you’re wondering about how QuickBooks is helpful for contractors in managing their business administration, it’s miraculous! Unquestionably, QuickBooks is one of the excellent choices to pick and run to manage your construction business. From Assigning direct costs to jobs, Tracking your construction project budgets, Billing processing, and Comparing estimates to Automatic Invoice generation, the software is up to the mark.

To understand how QuickBooks for contractors works in detail, have a look at the following features.

A. Simplify Managing Contractors and Subcontractors

Indeed! Managing contractors and subcontractors is one of the most hectic jobs in any construction business. Fortunately, if you have QuickBooks in your hands to manage such jobs, the tasks get easier and simplified. The application automatically invites subcontractors to add tax ID information and W-9 forms and track the CRM data in real-time.

B. Automating your Construction Accounting Tasks

Absolutely! We all know about the main QuickBooks job: managing and simplifying your construction accounting jobs. With the automation power, the software helps contractors manage their account administration with no manual efforts, paperwork, or extra long hours. Everything from QuickBooks contractor payment reminders and invoice generation to credit card payment processing, QuickBooks automates and simplifies all such processes.

Comparing QuickBooks Advanced Online and Desktop Enterprise

As noted above, Intuit has two options for the contractors: one is QuickBooks Advanced online, and the other is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. This section will specifically discuss and compare the two editions and help you select the most suited one for your business.

A. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop is considered an advanced version of the feature-rich QuickBooks Desktop software. Its excellent features, including Job Costing, Inventory Management, Expense Tracking, and Budgeting and Forecasting effectively help construction business managers.

The Enterprise version takes these features a step ahead and offers contractors the following benefits:

  • Advanced Inventory
  • Enhanced Pricing
  • Automated Invoicing

All these features support construction business managers to simplify and make their administration easier than ever. Along with the seamless tracking of materials and equipment, automatic invoicing, and faster payments, the Enterprise QuickBooks for contractors also has advanced reporting features. With this, contractors can customize their reports in available 200+ in-built templates.

Eventually, this QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop edition can best fit construction businesses with perplexing accounting operations and demands for in-built reporting tools.

B. QuickBooks Advanced Online

If you’re thinking of going for QuickBooks Online Advanced Edition to manage your construction management, go ahead! By introducing this edition to your business management, you will meet the in-built cloud hosting integration, assuring the utmost data safety. And if you’re running a large-scale construction business with voluminous data operations, this software can be a great choice.

By offering enough flexibility and versatility, this QuickBooks online advanced edition is a complete package of:

  • In-built cloud integration
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Customized dashboard and charts
  • Excellent integration compatibility

QuickBooks Online Advanced is the solution for all contractors looking for an all-in-one platform to manage their huge construction accounting operations. Managers get automatic QuickBooks contractor payment reminders, accurate and error-free accounting records, and cloud-hosting access, making them easily track their projects from anywhere at any time.

By benefiting the contractors a level ahead, this advanced online edition of QuickBooks is capable of integrating 750 other software programs essential for the construction business. Eventually, you get deeper insights into your business by managing everything on one platform of QuickBooks.

This software edition can be an appropriate fit for contractors with simple accounting needs and flexibility demands.

Difference Between QuickBooks Online And Desktop: Specific Features

In this section, we will differentiate between the QuickBooks Advanced Online and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Edition by discussing their specific features. Have a look and get better insights about the two.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Edition

Take a look at the following points to learn about how the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise version is helping the contractors:

  • Maximum number of allowed users to access the software is 40.
  • With QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, users can easily track their sales taxes, sales, and customer payments.
  • On the basis of available preferred rates, the software accepts credit card payments.
  • At the time of help, users can access product experts and get unlimited technical support.
  • By purchasing the available hosting plans and subscriptions, users can access the software from anywhere at any time through any device.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop users can seamlessly forecast their sales & expenses and get a combined view into their construction business using the company snapshot utility.
  • This software edition offers in-built customized inventory reports with plenty of template options.
  • Contractors using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Edition get expanded list limits that allow them to track around 100,000+ customers, inventory items, vendors, and company employees.
  • The QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop edition is also excellent for creating customized financial reports along with the batch invoicing utility.
Features to Look into QuickBooks Advanced Online Edition

The following features will help you compare and learn about the differences between QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Have a look:

  • The maximum number of allowed users to access the QuickBooks online advanced software is 25.
  • Contractors can manually track only fixed assets.
  • This advanced online edition has no rate limit and helps contractors accept unlimited credit card payments.
  • Users can complete multiple accounting activities using the multi-user mode of QuickBooks for contractors.
  • The advanced online edition of QuickBooks only allows Excel and QuickBooks to import data from.
  • Contractors won’t find any utility to create custom financial and accounting reports in QuickBooks online advanced edition.
  • This edition is a great fit for simple inventory accounting and not for complex needs.
  • Enough integration compatibility with other required third-party software programs.
  • The advanced online QuickBooks for contractors won’t help track inventory assemblies to keep an eye on raw materials and equipment.

Get the Most Suitable Edition For Your Business!

So, that’s all! We hope this comprehensive and informative post has given you enough insights about both the QuickBooks Advanced Online and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise editions. Understand their specific features according to your needs, and get the best fit for your construction business. If you need more information or want to consult our QuickBooks professionals for further insights, connect with us via Live Chat Support.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely Yes! The Advanced online edition of QuickBooks for contractors allows integration with over 750 software programs as per your construction business needs. This online advanced edition holds great compatibility to help you connect with the required third-party applications and manage everything on one platform. 

Yes! Both editions have different features and functionalities to support their users. The QuickBooks for Contractors edition is more about offering efficient work order management, automatic QuickBooks contractor payment reminders, and better job costing. However, the QuickBooks Pro edition users can’t expect such features within the QuickBooks Pro application. 

The QuickBooks Premier Edition can allow business managers to view their business insights right in the software, including how much budget their construction business has and what profit they have made over a given period. Apart from this, it also enables contractors to break down their business expenses and income into easy-to-read charts showing accurate data about how much each expense they’ve obtained has cost them.

The QuickBooks Advanced Online edition can be the best and most appropriate choice for independent contractors. Independent contractors are self-employed; thus, they demand simple software that simplifies their entire management by automatically tracking expenses and jobs. 
Beyond this, the QuickBooks Advanced online edition’s excellence and promising features make it another choice for independent contractors who are constantly moving and want to manage everything remotely as well.

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