QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2024

The QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 is the latest addition to the list of accounting applications. It comprises of various security enhancements and other additional updates focused on automating the workflow. With this latest extension of QuickBooks, users will now be able to get useful insights into data. With AES-256 Bit Security Encryption, QuickBooks 2024 provides amplified protection on their banking information, business-related financials, and credit card info. Various endeavors have been made in this version of QuickBooks in order to provide various businesses with better clarity and control over their operation and other information, especially the financial ones. With various automation features, user can complete their tasks more quickly and consume the saved time on creating better plans for their enterprise.

Latest Features Available in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 Desktop

The Mac Plus, 2024 version of QuickBooks, provides ample features that cover not only security enhancement but also added attributes in various aspects of business management essentials like Inventory Management, User Interface, Operation, and many others. Various features of this 2024 version of QuickBooks Desktop are discussed below, which might easily answer the query of “What’s New in QuickBooks Mac Plus.”

Security Enhancements

The major requirement of each and every business is complete security from various online threats. This might put their personal data and financial details at risk of being compromised. Keeping this in mind, QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 has added some special features specifically focussed on the protection of various data like financial assets of the business, credit card credentials, and other financial banking data.

The QuickBooks Desktop 2024 comprises Advanced Encryption Security (AES-256), which is far more advanced than other security encryption. It is particularly used by Government entities to protect classified data and military applications.  With this protection for your financial data, you can be more than sure that your financial assets linked to QuickBooks will be safe and secure.

User will upgrade their company files to QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024. They need to keep in mind that they reset all the user passwords. For the files with non-admin users, administrator access will be required.

Various Enhanced Features in Inventory

Different features are there that QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus offers. These attributes are focussed on effective Inventory Management include adjusting quantity/Value on Hand, changing item Price Window, Sales by Ship to Address, and many others. All these features are discussed in detail below:

  • Adjust Quantity: This option allows the user to make adjustments to the item quantity in order to keep your inventory status accurate. The majority of the QuickBooks latest version provides this feature.
  • Changed Item Prices: This newly introduced window in QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2024 provides various features to manage inventory more effectively. Under the Chaged Item price window, users can search items, hide/display inactive items, and also make price adjustments.
  • Different Enhancement in the Report Column: Various new “Name” and “Ship to” columns and filter options have been added in QuickBooks 2024 Mac Plus in order to effectively track the respective data. Through these options, users will be able to analyze the sales data more effectively. You can easily add the new column with the existing report.

View Mode Only in Case of Subscription Cancellation

This is the latest feature available for the user that cannot be found in any other accounting applications. Through View Mode Only, businesses can have easy access to their data even if they have canceled their subscription.

Item Categorization

Managing Inventory is a major task that consumes a lot of time for businesses that can be utilized in other productive activities to enhance their sales growth. Through QuickBooks Mac Plus Desktop 2024, users can easily categorize their items and manage their data more efficiently.

Customer Pre Payment

Custome Pre-Payent is another option that allows the user to track customer deposits on sales orders.

Download and Install QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024

Users can easily download and install the QuickBooks Mac Plus Desktop 2024 from the official website of Intuit. In order to utilize the QuickBooks 2024 desktop, you need to make a subscription-based. However, before pricing, here is a quick and simple download and installation process for QuickBooks 2024 in a step-wise representation:

  • Open the official website of Intuit from where you need to go to the Product Page of QuickBooks.
  • Select the version of QuickBooks you wish to install in your system, which here is QuickBooks Mac Plus Desktop 2024.
  • The download process will be initiated. After downloading, double-click on the file to open it. Follow further instructions, which will automatically initiate the installation process.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions in order to continue the installation process.
  • It might take a few minutes to activate the application. After the installation, you need to provide the license and product number. That will activate the QuickBooks application on your Desktop.
Locate your License and Product Number

The license and product number are the credentials that are provided to the user when they subscribe to any QuickBooks product, without which you cannot use the accounting application on your Desktop. In order to activate the QuickBooks Product, License number and product number are necessary. Users who are unable to locate product numbers can easily find them depending on the type of purchase they have made.

For the one with a physical copy, they can locate the license number from the scratch-off on the package.

For the users with a digital copy, they can find the product number on the confirmation email. Or they can easily fetch their product details from the QuickBooks License Number Locator.

QuickBooks Mac Plus Desktop Pricing

The prices for the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 vary depending on the user requirement and the type of subscription made by them. The overall cost of an annual subscription is much more convenient than that of a monthly one. Thus, to get the exact pricing of Quickbooks products, users need to visit the official website of Intuit. Other factors that might influence the pricing include the number of users and the availability of other features like Payroll, time tracking, and many others. The cost of purchasing QuickBooks 2024 Mac Plus might be a bit higher than that of QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 Pricing.

QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 System Requirements

Users, before installing Quickbooks Mac Plus 2024 on their desktop, can refer to the following system specifications to confirm whether their system will be compatible with running QuickBooks Mac Plus Desktop 2024 in their system. Following are the technical specifications in order to run QuickBooks 2024 for Mac Plus:

Operating system

Mac OS X v12.0


Intel or Apple

Internet Connectivity 

Must required


Intel Core 2 Duo or higher 


Minimum 2GB

Recommended: 4GB


Minimum 250 MB


Compatible with Macintosh

Other Software

Apple Number V12.0 or Later

MS Excel 2016 or Later

Microsoft 365

Email as PDF

MS Outlook or Apple Mail

What if my System doesn’t have the Minimum System Requirement?

In case your system does not fulfill minimum technical specifications, then we recommend you move to QuickBooks Desktop to Online, where all you need to have is a compatible system that supports a Chrome or Mozilla browser or Microsoft Edge.

Summing it Up

The QuickBooks Mac Plus Desktop 2024 is the latest extension of Intuit. It provides a Cornucopia of features like security enhancement and other options to manage operations more effectively. The pricing of this latest version of the QuickBooks can be significantly high as compered to the previous versions. The 2024 version of QuickBooks for Mac system can be a game changer in the accounting application. It fulfills all the requirements of small-scale industries and provides some other also that definitely suit their working process. For more details regarding  QuickBooks 2024 and other applications of Intuit like Turbo Tax and others, refer to our blog section. You can also connect with us through the helpline number given below.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus is currently the latest addition to the QuickBooks Desktop versions.

Users at least need to have Mac OS V12 or higher and Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The minimum RAM of the system should be 2 GB, while the recommended one should be 4 GB.

No, the QuickBooks for Mac Desktop is now available in the form of the latest version of 2024.

The Annual subscription for QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2024 costs in the range of USD 1700-1900.

You can either purchase an offline copy of the application in the form of a CD or download a digital copy. Install the application and provide the product number without which activation of your QuickBooks product will not be available.

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