How to Simplify Financial Management with QuickBooks Desktop Pro

How to Simplify Small Business Management with QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Are you tired of managing your daily business financial expenses, keeping inventory track, and generating customer invoices? Are you looking for a robust accounting application that simplifies all your finance tasks and is easy to use? If you are seeking a solution to your business financial problems, then Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the best fit for you. Regardless of whether you are a tech-savvy person or not, the software facilitates its customers with everything that helps in managing their company’s finances. The software is a game changer for small business owners as it comes with exclusive features.

If you are looking forward to utilizing this software, then this blog is meant for you. Here, we will sail you through the application, including its features, system requirements, and pricing. So, stay with us and read the complete blog to know more.

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A Glance at QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Intuit QuickBooks Pro is an accounting application specially designed for small business owners or startups to manage their finances. It is a desktop version and is suitable for businesses that do not require industry-specific features. The application covers a broad spectrum of services, including bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting. It is an entry-level version of QuickBooks and is installed locally on the system so that you can access your data offline.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro: System Requirements

As stated, QuickBooks Pro is a desktop version; you must fulfill the basic system requirements to use the application. Below, we have mentioned the minimum system requirements that the users must fulfill before downloading and installing the application.

  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • Disk Space: 2.5 GB disk space. Apart from that, you need the additional space for the data files.
  • RAM: 8 GB is recommended; however, 4 GB also works.
  • Operating System: Window 10, Window 7 SP 1, Window 8.1 update 1.
  • Server: Windows Server 2012 R2, 2008 R2 SP1, or 2016.
QuickBooks Pro Desktop: Download and Installation Process

To use the full-featured suite with complete tools and features, you need to first install it on your system. The steps to follow for executing the download and installation process are as follows:

  • To begin with, visit the official website of Intuit and visit the Downloads and updates page.
  • You can download the software either as a ProAdvisor or as an accountant. To perform the same, you need to log into either of the accounts by using your credentials.
  • Here, look for QuickBooks Pro 2023, select your country region, and click on the download link to download the application.
  • Open the downloaded folder and look for the QuickBooksProSub2023.exe file.
  • Right-click on the file to begin the installation process.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions. Also, mention the license and product number.
  • Also, ensure that you agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Next, select the installation type – Express install or custom and network.
  • Complete the remaining on-screen instructions.
  • When the installation process is complete, a “successfully installed” message appears on your screen.
  • You need to activate the product after completing the installation process.

QuickBooks Pro Desktop: Exclusive Features

The entry-level version of QuickBooks 2023 comes with several new features that streamline financial tasks. The customers of QuickBooks Pro have access to the below-mentioned capabilities.

Banking and Cash Management

The application allows the integration of multiple accounts so that you can easily streamline bank operations. You can perform a simple bank reconciliation as it maintains a log of transactions.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

You can easily manage your bills and invoices. There is a separate account for the accounts payable and receivables so that you can easily track the due payments. It makes sure that no deadline is missed and hence promotes a robust cash flow.

Payment Links

The businesses can generate and send secure payment links to their customers. It simplifies the process and encourages the cash flow.

Automatic Mileage Tracking

This feature automatically records mileage during trips, thus simplifying the travel expense calculation and tax deductions.

Cash Flow Hub

It provides a complete overview of your company’s cash flow management. Also, it provides insight into the latest trends so that you can make a data-driven decision.


The software comes with numerous report samples so that you can generate data-driven financial reports. You can also tailor them according to your specific needs.

Inventory Management

The unique inventory management feature provides you with an insight into your inventory. It monitors stock quantities, alerts you when the stock goes down, and provides insights into future inventory needs.

Sales Tax Management

Since the application is known for tax management, it automatically calculates and tracks sales tax according to the latest rules.

Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to access the application from anywhere and anytime. You can have a look at your financial data at any time.

Node Card Reader

You can easily accept the contactless card, Google Pay, or other forms of payment from your customers. The node card reader instantly records and matches the payment as soon as you receive the payment so that the book remains organized.

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Pro Desktop

The QuickBooks Pro is an amazing accounting suite that comes with various tools and features for beginners. Undoubtedly, the application is a game changer in the accounting industry. However, there are certain pros and cons of using the application.

Go through the advantages and disadvantages of using the QuickBooks Pro with payroll application.

Pros of QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • You can Compare the budget cost to the Actual Cost.
  • The Employer can easily track employees’ time and bill payments.
  • You can easily export prior year data while working on current year data by using the accountant copy.
  • The inventories can be easily managed, and the average cost of goods sold can be figured out.
Cons of QuickBooks Desktop Processor
  • The fixed assets can not be managed.
  • Only three users can use the application at max.
  • Physical Installation of the application on the system is necessary.
  • You can not track the inventory assemblies.
  • It is no longer supported intuit. Hence, the QuickBooks Sales staff must be contacted in case of emergency.
  • No further version for the particular edition is available.

Quick Look at QuickBooks Pro Pricing

Already fascinated with the amazing features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Payroll and eager to know the pricing plan of the application. If you are the one who is looking for the QuickBooks Pro pricing 2023, then the application is available as an annual subscription. The price of a single user is affordable; however, the price goes up with every additional User. Since a maximum of three users can use the application, you need to upgrade the plan to premier or enterprise one in case more than three users use the application.

The Pricing Breakdown of QuickBooks Pro is:
  • For Single User: $ 549.00 per year
  • Price for Two Users: $ 749.99 per year
  • For Three Users: $ 3999 per year

The prices might vary subsequently; you must check the official website before purchasing the software.

Situations for Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro

There are numerous accounting applications present in the market. But QuickBooks Pro with Payroll is the best investment for small businesses. If you are not sure whether to invest in the demanding application or not, then do read the below-mentioned situations.

The application works well in the below-listed situations.

Businesses with Minimal Inventory

If your business needs only the basic tracking of inventory stock levels without dealing with multiple locations, it is the perfect choice for you.

Companies with In house Bookkeepers

The application is perfectly fine for those who have an in-house team of bookkeepers. It allows you to work closely with them.

Ones Who Likes Desktop Software

Since the application is a desktop version and needs to be installed physically on the system, it is a great choice for those who are having internet problems. The application does not need internet for its running.

Managing Multiple Companies

It is the best multi-company accountant software. With a single subscription, you can handle the books of an unlimited number of companies.

Final Thoughts

QuickBooks Pro is the most powerful accounting application for small businesses and startups. It is a perfect fit for companies with an in-house bookkeeper team. The strong features of the application, such as cash flow, inventory tracking, and mileage tracking, make it the prominent choice. It is worth investing in the application if you have a small business. Hopefully, this blog clears all your doubts regarding QuickBooks Desktop Pro. However, if you are still having any further queries, call our experts immediately.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

The application is a perfect choice for businesses with minimum inventory tracking requirements. Also, you do not need the advance reports tailored according to the specific industry needs. Moreover, if you do not have more than three users, then it is a perfect choice for you.

No, the QuickBooks Desktop is not phased out. Only the older versions are phased out. It simply means that you need to upgrade to the newer version.

Yes, QuickBooks pro supports the multiple-user functionality. However, the number of multiple users allowed might vary depending on the license number and the version you are using.

Of course, our experts can handle any situation of any QuickBooks edition. They have in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks. So, if you face any difficulty in QuickBooks, you can call our experts at the above-mentioned phone number.

No, it is not available as a one-time purchase. The software is available on a one-year subscription model. This means that you need to renew the subscription after one year to use the application.

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