Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024

The Only Guide You Require to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro to 2024

To stay ahead with technological advancements, businesses need to keep the software they are using updated. Especially when handling the company finances, it becomes even more important to keep their applications up-to-date. Here comes a time when the users must upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro to 2024. In this comprehensive post, we have discussed the simple process of upgrading the QuickBooks software and the features that are included with it.

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Why Do Users Need QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 Upgrade?

Intuit launches several updates and upgrades yearly to enhance the overall accounting experience. Therefore, the users need to get the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 upgrade to use the latest features and functions of the application smoothly.

Apart from this, there are multiple other reasons why users need to upgrade to the newly launched versions. Therefore, you must thoroughly read the points below to learn more about the upgrade process’s advantages.

Security Updates:-

We are very well aware that cyber threats are increasing rapidly. Considering this, users must safeguard their crucial business data before getting it into the wrong hands. However, by installing the latest updates of the QuickBooks Desktop application, you can get your hands on the latest security patches, thus eliminating the risk of data breaches.

Stability and Performance:-

The best thing about upgrading the QuickBooks Desktop Pro application is that the new version has bug fixes and performance improvements. Thus, it lets the users run the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 seamlessly on their devices to accomplish their business accounting needs.


With the improvement of the technology, the users won’t be able to run the outdated version of the QuickBooks Desktop with their updated Windows operating system. In that scenario, you only need QuickBooks Desktop Pro Upgrade to 2024.

Get Your Hands On the Newly Launched Features:-

The QuickBooks Desktop 2024 has numerous advanced and avant-garde features to simplify business accounting tasks. However, installing the upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 allows you to run the application smoothly on your updated Windows device.

Learn More About How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro to 2024

After understanding the relevance of upgrading QuickBooks Desktop, you might wonder how to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro to 2024. If yes, then you have arrived at the correct destination. Here, we have discussed the proper step-by-step instructions to upgrade the QuickBooks Desktop Pro to the recently launched version.

Level 1: Get Ready For the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Upgrade 2024

To commence with the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Upgrade 2024 edition, it is crucial to consider the following points.

  1. First, you must ensure that you have taken the backup of your QuickBooks Company file. Scheduling the backup will automatically generate a duplicate copy of the data file you can use in case your original one gets damaged or corrupted.
  2. Another thing you must verify is that your system is compatible enough to run the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 on your device. To check the system requirements, you must visit Intuit’s official website.
  3. Besides these, you must also verify that you have disabled the antivirus or firewall software installed on your device temporarily. Otherwise, it may prevent users from installing the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 upgrades.
Level 2: Download the Most Currently Launched Version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  1. Begin the downloading process by visiting the official website of Intuit.
  2. Afterwards, you must reach the “Downloads & Updates” section and proceed.
  3. Thereon, you must pick the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 from the list of options available.
  4. Subsequently, hit the Download button to install the downloader on your device.
Level 3: Perform the Installation of the Previously Downloaded QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024

Once you download the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024, you must install it on your device by applying the steps below.

  • Initially, access the downloaded installer file mainly found in the Downloaded section. You can also go to the Downloaded section directly using your keyboard’s Ctrl + J keys.
  • Once you have found the downloaded setup file, double-tap on it to open it.
  • Afterwards, act according to the instructions presented on the screen. Then, you are supposed to include the License and Product Key required for the installation.

Note: You may get these details on your Purchase Confirmation mail or the Scratch Card on the back of the product packaging. 

  • Furthermore, you must pick the Installation Type and are recommended to opt for Express Type.
  • Thereon, you must wait until you finish the QuickBooks Desktop Pro installation.
Level 4: Conduct the Conversion Of Your Company File

After successfully downloading and installing QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you must convert your data file to a new format. For that, you must follow the step-by-step instructions instructed below.

  1. Begin the process by launching the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro version.
  2. After this, you must pick the “Open or Restore an Existing Company” > Open a Company File > Next button when asked.
  3. Thereon, opt for your data file (the one you already backed up) and hit the Open button.
  4. Furthermore, follow the guidelines on the screen for converting your data file to the new one. Herein, QuickBooks will eventually prepare the backup of your previous file before going forward.
  5. At last, you must go through that all the data is intact, and the entire data is transferred successfully.
Level 5: Use the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data

You must verify the integrity of your data file after the upgrade by applying the steps below.

  1. Primarily, you must move to the Files option, click Utilities, and then Verify Data.
  2. After this, you will see that the QuickBooks will automatically start to verify the data issues. If you spot any issues, we will suggest you operate the “Rebuild Data” Utility.
  3. Once you run the Verify and Rebuild Utilities, go through the results and fix if you found any issues.
Level 6: Ensure You Are Using the Updated QuickBooks Desktop Pro software

Now that you are done with the upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 process, ensure that your software is updated. However, you must look for the updates released regularly so that you don’t miss them out. To check for the latest updates, follow the steps below.

  1. In the first place, you must navigate to the Help menu and then choose the Update QuickBooks option.
  2. After this, hit the Update Now tab and go through the instructions given on the screen to download and install any available updates.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 With Subscription

Everytime the new version of QuickBooks is launched, you will be notified with the same while accessing the application. So, to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 with a subscription, follow the instructions below.

  1. Primarily, if you are all set to install the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro upgrade, hit the Upgrade Now button.
  2. After this, choose the “Keep old version on my computer” option to store your current QuickBooks version. Later on, hit the “Let’s Go” option, and QuickBooks will install and activate the updated version of the application. Moreover, it will also update your QuickBooks
  3. Desktop data file to the newly updated version.
  4. Once you finish the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 upgrade, hit the Open QuickBooks option.Note:- The upgrade process may consume some time, so you have to wait until the process is going on. However, the time taken will entirely depend upon the internet speed along with the file size of your QuickBooks data file. 

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Without Subscription:-

For instance, you no longer have to worry if you don’t receive a prompt to upgrade the QuickBooks Desktop application. It represents that you have only made a one-time purchase of the QuickBooks application, so you can install the upgrade via the upgrade tool using the steps below.

  1. Primarily, navigate to the Help menu and hit the Upgrade QuickBooks tab.
  2. You must pick the version you wish to upgrade the QuickBooks application and tap the Upgrade Now button.
  3. However, you must keep a copy of the current version of QuickBooks. For that, you must choose the “Keep old version on my computer” option and tap the Let’s Go option.

Drawing To a Conclusion!!

With this post’s help, we hope you understand why you need to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 and how to install the latest upgrades. However, if you are facing any issue while implementing the steps, you no longer have to worry. In that scenario, you only need to consult with our professionals and get instant resolution for all your queries.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Follow the steps below to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 with Discovery Hub. 

  1. Initially, you must launch the Discovery Hub and pick the Upgrade to QuickBooks 2024.
  2. After this, hover your cursor over the Proceed to Upgrade > Upgrade Now tab.
  3. If you wish to have both versions, pick “Keep old version on my computer.” 
  4. At last, hit the Open QuickBooks option to end the process. 

The QuickBooks Desktop 2024 has improved security features that help improve business accounting tasks’ performance. Thus, it helps simplify finance-related tasks so you can work efficiently. 

Yes, the users can also get access to the free trial version for up to 30 days to test the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 software to see whether it suits their business needs. If you are satisfied with the application, you can renew the subscription to QuickBooks and enjoy your accounting experience. 

Users can easily access their old files in QuickBooks Desktop 2024. For that, the users need to convert an older file to the newly launched QuickBooks format to access the older file easily. 

You must verify the system requirements that is required for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Upgrade. Also, you must check that you have scheduled the backup of the data file to avoid breach of data.

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